Rosevale Organic Bath Bombs

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Rosevale’s Spa Bath Fizzy Bombs are nourishing, delectable, and designed to soothe the senses in 6 glorious& elegant scents, all while your skin turns soft, smooth and supple with the benefits of moisturizing essential oil blend!
Just choose which bomb you’d like to drop in the bath, and from then on you can lie back and soak!
6 glorious& elegant scents soothe the senses
Lavender- Your mind can rest after a long day’s work.
Ocean- Blue skies& white clouds of bubbles leave stress and worries far behind.
Green Tea- Invigorating scent helps you find clarity, peace and tranquility.
Vanilla Shea- Create a creamy, skin-soothing experience.
Rose- Beautiful pink color& sweet scent make you feel rebalanced& revitalized.
Cherry Blossom- Uplift your mind and eliminate your woes.



  • TRANSFORM YOUR BATH INTO A FUN AND COLORFUL EXPERIENCE- Unlike other bath bombs that simply dissolve unseen at the bottom of the bathtub, ROSEVALE’S Bath Bombs release lively and colorful bubbles as the bath bomb itself floats and spins on the water’s surface.
  • SMOOTHING& HYDRATING ELEMENTS- This fantasy bath treat is packed with body-boosting oils, such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, and botany essential oil which is perfect for skin nourishing, moisturizing& healing.
  • FOR ALMOST ALL SKIN TYPE- Formulas are full of anti-oxidants to gently cleanse, heal& nourish adults’ skin. There are no harsh chemical elements contained, which will not stain your skin and tub.
  • 6 WAYS TO ENJOY THE BATH TIME-12 individual-packed bath bombs contain 6 delightful scents: ocean, lavender, rose, green tea, vanilla shea& cherry blossom pamper and nourish your skin.
  • PERFECT AS A GIFT- There is no necessary to over-wrap, as the box is so beautifully painted, acting as the ideal present for Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries.


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