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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Proofreading Jobs Online No Experience Needed.

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With over a billion websites in existence, it isn’t surprising that there are plenty of proofreading gigs.

However, it can get overwhelming when you are trying to find entry-level proofreading jobs online without any experience.

But no worries, we are giving you the low down on what you need to land legitimate proofreading jobs online and the companies that are hiring. 

For inspiration, listen to our podcast episode with Joni Sweet who is a freelance writer who is able to travel sustainably and work from home.

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How to become a proofreader

For every well-written article out there, there is a great remote proofreader who is able to make sure that the finished post is perfectly polished.

It can be easy to mistake proofreading from editors, however, there is a distinction between the two positions.

An editor does their job before a proofreader, they are able to restructure and make sure that the article flows and reads well.

On the other hand, a proofreader makes sure to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors – no rewriting and revising involved. 

What do you need to become a freelance proofreader? 

Although you need a degree if you want to do advanced proofreading services, this is not always the case.

There are a ton of online proofreading jobs for beginners and lucking for you we have found a ton of proofreading jobs online no experience needed.

In order to make money as a proofreader, you need an excellent mastery of the English language, punctuation, and grammar.

Get in as much practice as you can, and prepare a portfolio that can show off your proofreading abilities.

How to become an online proofreader as a beginner

If you think that you do not have enough experience to be a paid proofreader, think again!

If you’ve gone to school and wrote any articles, caught any errors that some may have overlooked – then you may be able to become a good online proofreader. 

You can still land proofreading jobs online no experience needed, it just takes a lot of practice and to be extremely knowledgeable of the English language. 

Proofreading Jobs Online No Experience

Don’t know how to practice your skills? No worries, we have found several sites that can help you test out your proofreading skills. 

Here is a fun exercise we found from Southern Living. If you can find the 13 grammar mistakes in this letter, then you should have the confidence to land that online proofreading job! 

Test your proofreading skills with the letter below: 

Dear Jane,

I was delighted to read you’re letter last week. Its always a pleasure to recieve the latest news and to here that you and your family had a great summer.

We spent last week at the beach and had so much fun on the sand and in the water exploring the coast we weren’t prepared for the rains that came at the end of the vacation.

The best parts of the trip was the opportunities to sightsee and relax.

My kids are back in school to. I find their are less things to worry about now that the kids are at school all day. There is plenty of fun things to do in the summer, but by August, I’ve running out of ideas. I’ve excepted the fact that we’ll have to think up brand-new activities next summer; hoping to round up some creative ideas soon.

Thanks again for your letter!


You can check the corrections and the 13 Grammar mistakes at Southern Living and see if you have what it takes to be a lucrative remote proofreader.

Tools to help you land your first home-based proofreading jobs as a newbie 

It can be challenging to learn to proofread as a beginner, here are a few tools that can make the process a lot easier: 

Copyediting & Proofreading for Dummies – this friendly guide helps you position yourself for success to find freelance proofreading jobs. 

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation – a concise and entertaining book and guide to help you master the English grammar. 

Grammarly – this tool will help you compose clear and error-free writing that will help you find proofreading jobs from home. 

Ginger – this software will help you write better and faster! 

Slick Write – this application can help you check your writing for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that can help you land your first freelance proofreading jobs from home.

Where to find online proofreading jobs for beginners

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to become an online proofreader, it’s time to find and land that first gig!

Here is a list of proofreading jobs online no experience needed for many of the companies. 

Proofreading and Editing Companies 

The Smart Crowd – check out their latest job postings for editing and proofreading jobs. They add new opportunities every month, so make sure to check for remote proofreader jobs often. 

Dominate – find freelance editing and proofreading jobs from home and start working remotely today. 

Sibia – work for a company that provides the best proofreading services for students, professors, authors and much more. 

Proofreading Services – they hire part-time and full time proofreading from home professionals. They welcome anyone to apply from any country and competitive pay ranging from $19-46 per hour depending on turnaround time. 

Cactus Global – check out their job posting that has a ton of opportunities for remote jobs including editing and writing gigs. 

Proofreading – find remote proofreading and editing job in this site. 

Enago – find openings for editing and proofreading work, you will need at least 5 years of relevant work and extensive subject matter expertise. 

Editfast – they are always looking for skilled editors and proofreaders, useful qualifications they need are editing experience, courses in proofreading, specialized knowledge of a specific niche. 

Lifetips – you will work directly with clients and they offer salary plus full medical benefits included! 

Quality Proofreading – they are always looking for people to fulfill their editing and proofreading work particularly those with backgrounds in science, engineering, business and management. 

Scibbr – join this team of forward-thinking and team-oriented individuals who are looking for in-house proofreaders and editors. 

Gramlee – submit your application and start remote proofreading work. 

Job Boards to find proofreading jobs from home no experience needed: 

Problogger – not just a space for bloggers to find the best resources to start and monetize their blog, but also has a great job board that will allow you to find online proofreading jobs online no experience or with experience. 

Fiveer –  share your expertise and land your first online proofreader position. 

Upwork– a great job board that will help you find the perfect proofreading jobs online no experience needed. 

What other skills do you need to find entry-level proofreading jobs online?

In order to be a great proofreader, you have to be detail-oriented and have a good command of the English language.

Depending on the job, you may want to understand the proofreader’s mark, which are symbols they place on paper when they edit it.

They are coded instructions to point out errors and how the article needs to be improved. Learning these can help you find proofreading jobs online no experience needed. 

Here are a few sites to help you learn English Proofreading symbols every beginner should know. 

Another great skill to have is being an expert in a specific niche as an online proofreader.

Understanding a specific topic will allow you to become a better remote proofreader and can open up the right doors, even if you do not have a lot of experience. 

Proofreading Jobs Online No Experience

Companies will find your expertise valuable and you will have a higher chance of landing those freelance proofreading jobs from home. 

Here are a few niche ideas:

  • Transcripts
  • Resumes
  • Academic Papers
  • Medical Papers
  • Contracts
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Materials 

How much money can you make as an English proofreader?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average hourly wage for a proofreader is $20.17 an hour and the median annual wage is $41,950 from May 2018. 

However, if you are able to start your own company as an online proofreader, you can earn more depending on your experience and hustle.

When to start your own proofreading services

Once you have gained experience, starting your own proofreading services can be a great business to start.

Although it is the most challenging, it can also be the most rewarding. You are able to take control of your own work and clients. 

Offering your own proofreader services is as simple as finding a domain name, creating a website and hosting with companies like BlueHost. 

Being a remote proofreader does not have to be complicated and researching will allow you to have the best chance to land your first gig.

So, start those English proofreading exercises and brush up on your skills then start applying today! 

Have you started your hunt for online proofreading jobs for beginners?

Let us know how you were able to find those gigs! We would love to hear how you have been able to successfully land your remote job. 

Make sure to comment below if you have any questions on how to start becoming location independent

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