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Extended: How to become a remote freelancer with David and Nadia.

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Here are the incredible tips that David and Nadia shares on how to become a remote freelancer.

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For someone who does not have a job that can not be turned into remote work, how can they become a remote freelancer?

  • Find something that you enjoy doing.
  • Make sure that this is the right step for you and you can work efficiently as a remote worker.

How do you communicate well with your clients as a remote freelancer?

  • You can use different tools that will help aid you in communication.
  • The main thing is to have communication with your client and let them know what you’re working on, when it is going to be delivered, and if there are any delays.

Do you disclose to your clients that you are nomadic?

  • Be upfront with your clients, and let them know what requirements you have while you are working remotely.
  • It will be up to them to either accept or decline the terms.
  • The most important thing is to prove that you can get the work done and to show that they come first.

What’s the best way to find remote work if you don’t have experience?

  • For designers, you can go to to find work.

What skills do you need to have in order to be a successful remote worker?

  • Time management is a crucial skill to have as a remote worker.
  • Under promise, overachieve.

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