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25 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Websites for Money

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Almost everyone needs extra income from side gigs, and the internet is one of the best places to get that additional cash flow.

One of the best ways to earn that extra income is by testing websites for money, and lucky for you, you can start registering to some legit companies today.

Individuals and businesses usually ask people to test websites for money to understand how efficient and well-made their sites are.

Whether it’s a photography blog with hundreds of posts and HD images or a new e-commerce retailer site, it’s always a good idea to have your site tested – especially the functionality and even the content.

Companies will pay good money to know what’s up with their websites. So, if you want to test websites for money starting today, check out our list of where people get paid to review websites.

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To get paid to review websites, you need to be fluent in English and be computer savvy. 

Of course, you will need essential equipment to do online work – a PC or laptop, and a good internet connection. Each task or test lasts five to 25 minutes and can provide an income of $10 or more each.

Here are 25 sites that will allow you to test websites for money:


The UserTesting platform allows you to get paid to review websites for a minimum of 20 minutes of work. Submit an email address and complete the registration form.

Online job testing websites usually require a sample test before prroviding actual tasks or job orders. UserTesting is open to both international and US testers.

Payments are sent via PayPal. Each site test lasts for 15-20 minutes on average.


This research study platform conducts site testing projects, group studies, focus groups, and surveys.

Begin the application process by filling up the one form and linking your LinkedIn or Facebook account (or email).

Provide basic information about yourself, including your employment status, demographics, and contact details.

When the registration is successful, you can start going through the available projects on the site.

Apply for the tasks that sound appealing to you so you can provide the best feedback or review.

Online job testing websites have QA controls, too, so you must do your best during these tests. Some of these tasks pay as much as $40 for just 20 minutes of your time to test websites for money.

Some projects from big clients of the platform can give you as much as $100 for just one hour of work.

Make sure that you regularly check the Respondent dashboard for the status of the projects you’ve opened.


Anyone can earn money on Userbrain by simply sharing their thoughts and completing different tasks.

Each Userbrain job will last for about five minutes (maximum 15 in many cases), and you get up to $3, which is sent to your PayPal account. Userbrain payouts are paid every week.


TestingTime is one of highest paying online jobs testing websites because it can give you up to €50 for each completed study.

Each study lasts half an hour to 90 minutes, depending on the company’s needs that have hired the platform.

When the study is done, you get paid in five to ten days via PayPal. If you live outside the EU, you can still join TestingTime as the platform is open to global testers. The tests are conducted via Skype.


Joining TryMyUI is an excellent way to spend fifteen to twenty minutes of your free time and make extra cash.

After successful registration, you will become part of the TryMyUI team, and then you will be given a qualification test.

This is just a sample test that will help the team see if you fully understand how the process works.

Tests have requirements, and testers need to be 100% familiar with them. TryMyUI payments are processed and released twice a week through PayPal.


UserFeel pays testers $10 for sharing their feedback on different websites.

First register on the site. You will be given a sample task to complete. If your test checks out, you will begin receiving paid work via email.

Complete these email tasks, and you get paid weekly via PayPal. You need to set aside ten to twenty minutes for each UserFeel job to test websites for money.


Userlytics is another site to get you paid to test websites.

Unlike previous platforms, you will send feedback on concepts, prototypes, and other projects.

Electronic registration is simple, and you have to wait for the team to send an invite to complete a task.

When you complete the project correctly, you can earn five to ninety dollars, depending on the type and scope of the project.


The IntelliZoom platform specializes in providing companies and businesses website testing for usability across different devices.

If you have ten minutes, they can give you $2 per task or survey.

For video submissions, they can provide up to ten dollars.

IntelliZoom sends payments 21 business days after a tester completes a job from the time of the study’s initiation.

Sign up for IntelliZoom to test websites for money.


 Validately regularly hires site testers for different desktop and mobile tests on behalf of other companies.

You will get paid to visit websites and review them, and the scope of review varies per task.

According to the Validately website, they can pay up to $100 when completing some tasks.

Get your PayPal ready because they will release funds in just seven business days after completing your assigned projects.


uTest specializes in hiring independent contractors to test hardware and software. So, the projects here are slightly different from the usual review sites we have discussed.

uTest has served notable brands like Netflix, Google, and Amazon.

To qualify as a tester on uTest, complete the online applications, and you need to audition to exhibit your tech skills. The application process takes just ten minutes.

You will start getting assignments via email after the approval of your application.

Prices for completed tasks are not publicly announced on the site, but in 2016 the company announced that they have already paid out $20 million to their QA testers globally.


This is an Australian-based company that occasionally posts available slots for website testing. You can get paid to review websites which are all paid tasks.

There is a qualification examination that lasts for five minutes. Loop11 has not posted sufficient information about how much they pay per task, but they did say that above-average rates are waiting for testers.

Loop11 states that they have worked with institutions like JPMorgan Chase before and the domain magnate Go Daddy.


 Enroll focuses on testing sites and have a unique program for testers.

Sign up once and create an account on the site before picking your preferred testing platform.

You can select a smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC as your testing device. When the registration is entirely done, you can start getting tasks via email.

The jobs are varied, so working for Enroll should be interesting. Some jobs are so small that they take just sixty seconds to complete. These micro-tasks pay ten cents.

test IO

If you love to get paid to visit websites, games, and apps, test IO is likely the best platform for you. Testers earn $50 when they find critical bugs in the code or glitches that affect the app’s performance or game.

Critical issues that can adversely affect the performance of the code can get you even more money.

Compared to other websites, test IO pays through various channels: global direct bank transfer, Skrill, Payoneer, and PayPal. Founded in 2011, test IO has physical headquarters in Berlin and San Francisco.

Intuit User Research

If Intuit User Research hires you, you will have the opportunity to test various software like ProSeries and ProConnect.

Mint, QuickBooks, and TurboTax are additional software in their roster that are up for user testing jobs.

Test givers will require you to provide feedback on what you like (or not) about the software or platform when you take their user testing jobs.

The testing process lasts for half an hour to two hours in some cases. If you complete a basic thirty-minute testing process, you will be rewarded with a Visa Rewards Card with a value of $50.


Cheakalos is the perfect place for paid website testing. The feedback portion lasts for about fifteen minutes, and you get eight euros for each completed session.

Luckily Cheakalos accepts applicant testers from outside the EU and US.

The basic requirements are a good broadband connection, a tablet/smartphone/desktop PC/laptop, and a verified PayPal account for receiving payments to become qualified for paid website testing.

You need to be able to speak either Spanish or English to test websites for money.


If you are looking for a higher-end gig, Ping-Pong is suitable for those who can test sites and different apps.

According to Ping-Pongs bulletins, testers can earn anywhere from €20 to €400 per task. Each task lasts from half an hour to about sixty minutes, max.

These are actual interviews, and Ping-Pong will release your payment just seven days after the completed interview.

Unlike other platforms, Ping-Pong supports payments via (formerly Transferwise) on top of PayPal.


The great thing about the Ferpection platform is you can perform tasks and complete them on your tablet, PC, or smartphone. Full-sized desktop PCs work, too. A simple 45-minute test can land you an excellent $25.

If you don’t like being recorded (either your audio or through the webcam), then it’s a better option for you.

Ferpection will only require that you take some screenshots and you type your answers to their questions. Payments from Ferpection are disbursed on the last Friday of each month.


UserCrowd specializes in distributing quick-design surveys to testers. These surveys are geared toward improving sites and products. Each test can earn a tester one to two credits.

One credit is equivalent to ten US cents, and when the credit count goes up to one hundred, you can make a PayPal withdrawal of your UserCrowd earnings.

UserCrowd is not the best place to earn a lot of monthly income, but if you have some spare time, you can probably go there a few times a month and end up with $100 or more in 12 months.


WhatUsersDo has a straightforward registration process. Download their screen-recording software and proceed to the sample test.

WhatUsersDo can provide three to five paid tasks via email every month. If you dive deep into the functions and provide quality feedback, you may qualify for more jobs.

The initial payout for completed tasks is $5. They release funds every 25th of the month.


StartUpLift is part of feedback sites that don’t require screen recording software or a working microphone.

The site will give you tasks so you can earn money testing websites. High-quality work are paid $5. All your completed tasks will be delivered the following Monday.


Unlike other sites, TestingTime’s tasks take longer to complete. The tasks take place over Skype calls, and they will record what you say, as well as your visage.

Make sure you can tolerate being recorded fully before signing up. Some sessions take as long as 90 minutes.

TestingTime pays their testers ten business days after successful interviews.


This platform offers testers two kinds of tasks: text surveys and tests with screen recording and audio recording required.

All testers have to be 18 by the time of their sign-up, and they need to take sample tests as well.

UserZoom tasks scan lasts up to twenty minutes, and they pay around ten dollars per task.

Your funds will be released twenty-one business days after task completion.


If you are an experienced app tester with some past testing projects under your belt, try out with UberTesters.

You need to test mobile apps, and you don’t need a laptop or desktop PC to carry out UberTesters tasks.


TestBirds is focused on testing software, and over the years, they have found more than 100,000 bugs in different software.

TestBirds starting pay is $25 per task. You need to find bugs to get better pay, so be sharp when testing!

User Interviews

User Interviews provide a wider variety of testing and feedback jobs.

Different tasks have different pay scales, and you can be paid as much as $125 for just sixty minutes of your time.

Reviewing websites and apps as a source of extra income is hands down one of the best ways to spend your spare time.

If you have more free time since you started working from home, why not spend some of it on these excellent side gigs?

A few hundred dollars a month of extra income can stretch your spending limit considerably. 

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