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Why traveling to escape will not lead you to self-discovery.

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Do you travel to explore or to escape life?

It’s amazing how your life can change within a few years or even a few months.

For several years, I had panic attacks every January because I was not living a life I truly wanted and it was literally suffocating me.

I wanted to constantly escape New York City and used travel as an excuse to escape a life I did not want to live.

I would have panic attacks every 4 months and thought that it was because I needed to travel.

But I came to realize that it was not really traveling that I needed but to change the lifestyle that I was living.


To finally take the steps to have the freedom lifestyle I craved and to leave a job I no longer wanted.

As I began to work towards my goals, the need to constantly escape and the panic attacks began to disappear.

I started to understand that although travel was and is a huge part of my life, it is not what is going to fulfill or necessarily make me happy.

Reaching my goals and to have freedom is what I really craved and being in a 9-5 was what I wanted to escape.

Today, as I sit here writing these words to you – earning less than my 9-5, struggling to create income and navigating my new life as a location independent entrepreneur. I am happier than I ever was at my stable day job. 


Traveling to escape is not the answer.

If you are in the same predicament, make sure you are not looking at travel as a way to solve the issues that are in your life.

Instead, take a good look at your self and learn what you want to achieve and work on them daily.

If one of those goals is to travel to see and experience the world then, by all means, do it! But do not think that it will solve your problems.

Remember, it will still be there when you return.

So, instead of travel escape – do a bit of soul-searching and understand what will make you fulfilled and achieve your purpose.

Travel may be a part of this soul-searching but it should not be the escape from your reality.

travel to escape

Traveling to escape will not not solve your problem. 

Change your mindset

A few ways that I was able to change my mindset was to have a clear goal, which was to start and create income from my podcast.I was extremely passionate about the location independent movement and craved to finally have the freedom to take responsibility for my own happiness.

Once I made this decision, I began to work on my goal every single day which made me have a sense of purpose.

Instead of having panic attacks, I devoted my energy to creating and learning about podcasts.

I also met with amazing individuals who inspired me to pursue the goals that I wanted.

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The turning point

I began to realize that it was not really traveling that made me happy when traveling no longer felt the same.

The feeling of relief when I was in a different destination lessened and instead I began to crave working on my long term goals.

I began to turn down traveling opportunities because they started to get in the way of my life purpose.

It is amazing how my life has changed within a few months. Now that I am a full-time location independent entrepreneur I have decided to travel less, even when I have every opportunity to travel full time.

Now I think of travel as a way to discover the world and have different experiences. It is no longer an escape, but an added bonus to the life I have chosen to create for myself.

What about you? Have you been using travel as an escape?


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