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Extended: How to travel full time with your pets with Kach Howe

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Here are the incredible tips that Kach shares on how to travel full time with your pets.

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In this episode:

How do you prepare to travel with your pets?

  • Depending on where you are going, you would need passports and veterinary documents that states they are allowed to travel.
  • It is also different if you are traveling via plane, by car or by boat.

How do you encourage your pets to get used to new environments?

  • Animals usually adopt to their surroundings very easily.
  • Allow them to explore their surroundings.

How do you find a sitter for your pets if you have to travel without them?

  • You can ask friends and family or hire a sitter who you can pay hourly.

If someone is thinking of having a pet, where would you recommend they find their animals?

  • Kach recommends not to buy but to adopt your pets.

Check out the full interview with Kach shares on how to sail around the world and live life without limiting beliefs. 

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