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60 Best Travel Blog Names

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No matter how seasoned or green of a blogger you are, there’s no denying that it’s tough to think of creative ideas for blog travel names.

When I first starting out several years ago, I was completely lost about what to name my own blog.

I had ideas, but they just didn’t seem quite right.

That’s why I wanted to give you guys some ideas for travel blog names that you can use to spark your creativity, inspire wanderlust and hopefully help you come up with the perfect name.

So take a look through these 60 creative inspirations that are sure to spark some great blog travel names.

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How To Choose the Perfect Travel Blog Names

Choosing a blog name can be a daunting task, especially when you’re just starting out.

There are so many things you have to consider from being able to find your blog with ease on Google search, to inspiring wanderlust in your readers.

You want blog travel names that represents your personality and niche, but you also want something that’s easy to remember and catchy.

The best way to start brainstorming blog names is to put your “creative cap” on and let the ideas flow.

If you find yourself stuck, try these tips for choosing great blog names:

Keep it simple.  

It might be nice to have an “exotic” sounding blog name, but few people will remember names like “Saoirse’s Travel Adventures” or “Xiomara’s World.”

Be creative, but keep the name clear, and simple.

Make it memorable.

You want your blog travel names to inspire wanderlust in your readers, so a good idea is to use words that will evoke feelings of destination and exploration.

Just be careful not to go overboard with too many words or use titles that are highly commercialized.

Your blog travel names should be unique, not generic.

Focus on your niche.

Remember, you want your blog names to represent who you are as a blogger and what your niche is all about.

Use powerful words that inspire readers and make them feel something.

Don’t just think about the name itself, but also how it will appear on social media profiles and throughout all of your blog’s content.

People will associate your blog names with who you are, so it’s important that they feel connected.

Don’t use numbers.

It might be cute to add a number to the end of your blog name or spell out a whole phrase with numbers, but avoid doing this at all costs unless there is a good reason for it.

It won’t look professional and people will find it difficult to remember.

Using Name Generator Tools

Sometimes all you need is a little extra help to get those creative juices flowing.  

There are plenty of name generator tools available online to help inspire blog travel names.

These can be a great resource for helping brainstorm your next big idea or give you that “extra push” to take the plunge and start a new blog.

Just be aware that some of these tools are better for inspiration than others, so don’t rely too heavily on just one name generator to get your creative juices flowing. 

Here are a few popular name generator websites you might consider trying:

Theme Isle’s blog name generator is a great tool for getting ideas.

You can choose from hundreds of name ideas based on your niche and select words you like to be included in the name. 

Wix Blog Name Generator – This generator helps you pick the perfect domain name, which is a big part of the blogging process.

These are just a few of the tools available to help you find great blog names, but this list is by no means complete!

60 Ideas for Blog Travel Names That Will Inspire Wanderlust

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect creative blog name, here’s a list of 60 ideas that will spark your imagination and get you started.

Blog Travel Names for Solo Travelers

These blog names are perfect for solo travelers who love to venture off the beaten path alone.

They are also great for bloggers in general, but if you are a travel blogger in particular, I suggest checking out these ideas:

Abandoned Backpacker – travel blog names that inspire wanderlust for solo travelers.

Daring Adventurer – a great blog travel name to inspire adventure.

Dreaming of Destination –  a great name for travelers who want to promote dream destinations.

Exploring Life’s Path –  a fun and unique way to share your adventures with the world.

Lone Wanderluster –  great blog name for solo travelers who love to explore unique destinations.

Roaming Solo –  another great blog name that will inspire wanderlust in readers.

Solo Adventurous Spirit – nice and simple, but perfect for any traveler with a spirit of adventure.

The Loner’s Wanderer –  great blog name for solo travelers who love to venture off the beaten path by themselves.

Lonely in the city –  a great blog name for any traveler who loves urban experiences.

Forever Young Adventures – is perfect for any solo traveler who loves to travel while they are young.

Luxurious Loner –  great travel blog titles to inspire wanderlust in anyone, but especially solo travelers who love luxury.

Travel Blog Names for Couples

If you are traveling with your significant other, these blog names might be fun choices to consider:

Backpacker Lovers – a great name idea that will inspire wanderlust for backpacker couples.

Wandering for Two –  travel blog name that inspire wanderlust for couples who love to roam the world together.

Honeymooners Journal –  simple, sweet and romantic, this is an excellent blog name for any couple who is celebrating their honeymoon.

World Travelers in Love –  if you and your partner love to travel together, this blog name might be the perfect fit.

Traveling Together in Paradise –  a great name that inspires travel among couples.

Yin Yang Travelers –  for couples who love to travel the world together.

Destined Destinations –  this is a simple, yet beautiful travel blog name for any couple who loves to explore new destinations together.

Happily Adventurous –  will inspire wanderlust among readers.

Wanderlust Adventurers –  perfect for any couple who loves to travel and have new adventures together.

Lovers Around the Globe – is great blog name that’s perfect for a group of couples who love to travel together.

Flip Flop Lovers –  a fun name for any couple who loves to travel in tropical locations.

Travel Blog Names for Luxury Travelers

If you are a luxury traveler who loves to explore five star destinations, these names might be fun ideas for you to consider:

A Luxurious Adventure – is perfect for anyone who loves luxury travel.

Luxury Loner – for luxury travelers who love to go it alone.

Socialite Wanderer –  a great blog title for anyone who loves traveling with a touch of luxury.

Honeymoon in Luxury –  perfect for any couple who wants to travel to luxury destinations together.

Spoiled Vagabond –  great idea for luxury travelers who love the finer things in life.

Luxury is for Lovers –  a nice and simple blog name that will inspire luxury travel among readers.

Affluent Adventurer –  for any luxury traveler who loves to venture off the beaten path.

Uniquely Abroad –  the best website names for luxury travelers who want unique destinations when they travel.

High Roller Abroad –  great blog name ideas for luxury travelers who love to travel in style.

Around the Globe in Style –  for luxury travelers who want to see the world on a budget.

Blog Travel Names for Families

If you are traveling with your family, these blog names might inspire feel-good wanderlust:

Adventure Is for the Family –  will inspire wanderlust among your family readers.

World Travels for Kids –  a great blog name idea if you want to inspire wanderlust and help encourage your children to travel more.

Epic Wanderlust for Family –  a nice, simple name that inspires the dream of traveling with your family.

Epic Adventures for Kids –  if you are traveling with your children, this might be the perfect blog name ideas.

Family Travel for Beginners –  great blog name ideas if you are new to family travel.

Wanderlust Adventures for Kids –  a nice, catchy blogging name that will inspire wanderlust among your family readers.

Old World Explorers –  simply beautiful blog names for any family who loves to explore new destinations.

Childhood Wanderlust –  great blog travel names for any family who loves to see what lies beyond their own doorstep.

Family Travels Together –  perfect for any family who ventures off together on new adventures.

Blog Travel Names for Foodies

If you love food and want to include your culinary experiences on your blog, these travel blog names might be fun to consider:

The Funny Foodie –  great for any blogger who loves to write about their hilarious culinary experiences while traveling.

Bizarre Foodies –  a fun blog name for any foodie couple who loves to eat bizarre foods while traveling.

Lonely Foodies – great blog titles if you are a single foodie who travels alone.

Eating Our Way Around the World –  good blog names for any foodie couple who’s hungry for adventure.

Savoring the Globe – a great blog name ideas if you love to explore flavors from all over the world.

Epicurean Wanderlust –  great blog names for any foodie traveler who loves to write about their epicurean adventures on the road.

The Foodie Nomads –  this might be the perfect foodie travel blog name if you love to experiment with food from around the world.

Zesty Adventures –  great blog name ideas for any food lover who wants to write about their zesty adventures in food and drink during their travels.

Travel Blog Names for Outdoorsy Types

If you love to explore your surroundings off the beaten path, these travel blog names might inspire wanderlust:

Outdoorsy Wanderlust –  great for any blogger who is an outdoorsy type who loves to explore their surroundings.

Bits of Nature in Our Adventure –  simple blog title ideas if you are traveling in nature.

Road Backpacker – for any blogger who loves to write about their adventures on the road.

Your Little Adventure –  great blog names for any blogger who loves to write about their little adventures while traveling the world.

The Wild Backpacker –  this is a great blog name idea if you want your readers to feel like they are on a journey into the wild.

Free Spirit Wanderlust –  a cool blog name idea for any blogger who loves to write about their free-spirited adventures while traveling.

A Girl’s Guide to Adventure – for any blogger who loves to write about outdoor adventures.

Touch of Wanderlust –  a cool name idea if you want your readers to feel inspired and touch the world with wanderlust.

Adventurous Wanderlust –  simple blog name for any blogger who loves to write about outdoors adventures.

Wanderlust Nomads –  a great blogging title idea for any blogger who wants to encourage wanderlust among their family and friends.

The Wildlife Passage –  an awesome blog name for any blogger who loves to write about the wildlife in their travels.

These are just a few travel blog names that will inspire wanderlust among your readers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking the perfect name for your new travel blog!

With so many travel blogs out there, you need to find a blogging name that will inspire wanderlust among your readers.

So write down all the blog names that inspire wanderlust in you and then pick the one that fits best with your blog’s theme!

Now, get your creative juices flowing and have fun with it!

Do you have any travel blog names that inspire wanderlust in your readers?

Leave a comment below so I can check it out! Cheers!


1. What should I avoid using when thinking of travel blog names?

Avoid characters, numbers, hyphens or punctuations in your travel website names as these can pose challenges when it comes to recall and searchability.

Given the abundance of blogs, businesses, and pages flooding your audience’s feeds, it’s crucial to stand out with a memorable and effortlessly spelled name.

2. Do travel blogs influence people’s travel decisions and experiences?

Travel blogs exert a significant influence by providing firsthand insights, practical advice, and authentic narratives, inspiring wanderlust and shaping travel itineraries.

Serving as valuable resources, they offer insider tips, budget-saving strategies, and cultural insights, resonating deeply with audiences seeking authentic experiences.

Additionally, travel blogs promote responsible travel practices by highlighting eco-friendly options and raising awareness about environmental and social issues, empowering travelers to make informed choices.

3. Can you make money through travel blogging?

It is possible to make money with a travel blog, but it requires hard work, dedication and a lot of patience.

Some people make money through ads, affiliate marketing and SEO optimized posts.

4. Do travel bloggers travel for free?

Although travel bloggers may enjoy complimentary perks like accommodations or meals, it’s important to dispel the misconception that they travel entirely for free.

The truth is, establishing a thriving travel blog demands considerable dedication, hard work and financial investment.

5. Is it too late to start a travel blog in 2024?

Although the travel industry may seem crowded and well-established, it’s never too late to embark on your own travel blogging journey.

When searching the internet for travel insights, readers often gravitate towards fresh content over dated pieces, presenting ample opportunities for newcomers to make their mark.

Just like any other industry, travel blogging will continue evolving.

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